Thank you very much for all of the efforts made on behalf of my mother. We appreciate your staff and all that they do everyday. They deserve the best. Thank you all so much for your caring and constancy.

Corrine Serell

To each staff member, on this day, a day to love and remember those who so touched our lives with kindness, help and compassion for my mom and dad. My sisters and I want to thank you very much. We always felt welcome there and never worried that our parents were not being given the best care possible.

Lynn Horrocks

Dad's time was short with you but everyone made us feel we were part of the team. Staff were an inspiration in helping us know that our dad was in good hands. We never had to worry about his well-being. Many thanks for the kindness that was extended during dad's stay and his final days.

Jolly Coleman, Darleen Lloyd and Rosemary Reilly

Thank you very much for all of the efforts made on behalf of my mother. We appreciate your staff and all that they do everyday. They deserve the best. Thank you all so much for your caring and constancy.

Steve and Belinda Kause

How do we thank everyone who took care of our mom? Words will never convey, nor express, our sincere gratitude for your patience, understanding, kindness and love. It is true that mom did not want to live anywhere but "home", however, over the past two years, The Gilbert Residence did become all of our home. Everyone there, somehow, became part of our daily lives and an extension of our family.

There are so many special people whom took extra care and time to provide the "special needs" of mom. We will be forever grateful and blessed because you touched our hearts and spirits immensely. If mom could have voiced her emotions she would have eloquently said "How blessed and honored I am to have such wonderful and special caregivers!"

We will always treasure the friendships that we have made with many of the Gilbert staff. This is our gracious and heartfelt "thank you."

Bill & Debbie Davi

Suddenly finding yourself in the position of being a caregiver for someone with dementia is like being caught in an avalanche! You are instantly buried in thoughts of what now??? For most of us, we know little if anything about the disease process. There are concerns about timing, capabilities, safety, resources, finances, family dynamics, and what the future will bring.

For most families, there is disbelief, anger, frustration and denial. There are feelings of helplessness, guilt and a desire to somehow regain some degree of control! When you’re faced with a diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s by the age of 60, it is overwhelming. Suddenly, all the hopes and dreams you once had as a couple disappear. I needed to immerse myself in research in an attempt to gain power through knowledge. From the moment we walked in the front door of the Gilbert Residence, there was a comfortable atmosphere that welcomed us. The nurturing offered was not just for my husband as a new resident to Grace Hall, but was provided to each and every member of our immediate and extended family.

I feel so fortunate that we were able to find quality care and caregivers who would treat my husband with respect and dignity. I appreciated the resident centered care that he received. When he first moved in, they prepared a “life story” from the information we provided about important aspects of his life. That framed presentation was placed outside the entrance to his private room to serve as an introduction and reminder to anyone who entered. Matthew was encouraged to continue playing his violin in his room and in small group settings. The administration allowed us to address Matthew’s “younger” energy level and the need to diffuse that physical energy by bringing in a ping pong table as well as promoting a walking club both inside and outside of the building. Since Matthew enjoyed yard work, he was also enlisted to help garden in the enclosed courtyard. The monthly family events in Grace Hall were a wonderful gift to me, personally. The gatherings were usually done with a theme in an enhanced pot luck style. Those events allowed me to see others still finding joy in sharing time with their loved ones. As family members, we formed bonds with others who were experiencing similar life stages. Beyond that, there were times of enjoying, socializing, and getting better acquainted with staff members, too!

The monthly family support nights have become another excellent opportunity to address disease progression, care practices, and additional challenges and concerns. It is indeed a difficult decision at best to place a loved one in residential care. The best care is provided when it not only focuses on the resident but also includes complete education of the care staff, family members, and friends of the resident. Additional resources can make a tremendous difference in the care of all those involved. The Gilbert Residence has been making strides to utilize community resources in their training and outreach programs for families. Over the nearly four years that I have been affiliated with the Residence, couldn't be more impressed with the way they continue to strive for excellence.

Sharon Mischakoff