Our History

Mr. William Gilbert, a Grand Rapids businessman, wished to honor his mother who had been active in the Ypsilanti Home Association.

In his will, he pledged half of his estate to fund and start a home for impoverished men and women unable to maintain themselves. During the 1930’s through the 1950’s the group functioned as a foundation, using proceeds from investing as direct support for local seniors. Initially and according to Mr. Gilbert’s will, the group was called the Gilbert Old Peoples Home of Ypsilanti. The mission was “To found, endow, and maintain a home for the care and support of such aged and impoverished men and women as may be unable to maintain themselves.”

In the mid – 1950’s land was purchased on South Huron Street and Ralph Gerganoff was selected architect. Kurtz & Co. was selected as contractor and in June 1959 the decision was made for the building to be called the Gilbert Residence. The first Residents moved in during the year of 1960. The building initially served as a retirement community and the building had minimal health facilities. JC “Collie” Collins was hired as the first Director and remained so for 12 years, living in the facility for most of that time.

Over the years the facility evolved to what it is today. In 1972, under the direction of Norman Raupp, part of the existing building was converted to a nursing facility to meet the growing needs of permanent care. Later, as residents became more dependent on care, the remaining retirement section became a licensed Home-for-the-Aged. Mr. Raupp remained Administrator and Director for 26 years.

Although we have seen different Directors over the years, our commitment and mission remain the same. “To continue a tradition of excellence by providing compassionate and dignified care for seniors in ourcommunity.” Our approach to care is similar as we meet the ever changing needs of those we serve. Today we serve 90 Residents and have a staff of over 100 full-time, part-time, volunteers and auxiliary whose care and compassion cannot be compared.

Thank you for your interest in the Gilbert Residence. We look forward to another 50 years and the addition of many new faces. We know the road may be challenging and the obstacles large but as our mission has always been we will continue our tradition by providing the outstanding care which sets us apart.


Incorporation of “The Gilbert Old Peoples Home of Ypsilanti”.


Opened our doors (primarily as an Assisted Living).


Added a Nursing Home.


Introduced Grace Hall (a designated Memory Care Unit).


Expansion “New Grace Hall”.


Main Street

Family Testimonials